Sexual Assault Services

Local Hotline Number: 203-753-3613
Statewide Toll Free Number: 1-888-999-5545
En Espanol : 1-888-586-VEDA (888-586-8332)


Safe Haven provides 24-hour coverage, 365 days a year, through our hotline designated for sexual assault victims. The counselors are available to help women, children and men who are victims of rape, incest, sexual harassment, or child sexual abuse. The counselors are also available to help extended family members, friends and partners affected by the assault. After 4:00 p.m. and on holidays, calls go to Info line that then contacts a trained counselor. The counselor returns the call in 30 minutes or less, assesses and responds to the immediate crisis and ensures follow up on the next day.

Medical Advocacy

Safe Haven has a protocol with both St. Mary's and Waterbury Hospitals that offers victims the support of a Safe Haven counselor after a sexual assault. The counselor meets the client at the hospital and provides support and advocacy to both the victim and family members. The staff brings along new clothing and underwear for the victim to wear home from the hospital.

Legal Advocacy

Safe Haven staff will accompany a victim to the police and courts to provide support and advocacy.

Adult Advocacy

Safe Haven offers individual counseling to rape victims and incest survivors. Safe Haven also offers a variety of support groups for survivors. These include a group for incest survivors, parents of children who have been sexually abused and a group for male survivors. Safe Haven also offers groups at local social service agencies who have a population of sexual assault victims.

Child Advocacy

Safe Haven offers age appropriate supportive counseling to children who have been sexually abused. The child advocate also provides services at local schools and social service agencies upon request. Art therapy is also available to children who have been abused.

Child Abuse Intervention Team (CAIT)

The purpose of the Child Abuse Intervention Team is to coordinate the prompt investigation of suspected cases of child sexual abuse, to reduce the trauma to any child victim and to ensure the protection and treatment of the child. The members of the team include professionals from law enforcement, child protective services, mental health and victim advocates. During the child's interview, parents meet with a Safe Haven advocate who offers support to the parent during this difficult time.

Community Education

Safe Haven offers presentations to all age groups on the issues of sexual assault. The community educator provides presentations on personal safety, acquaintance rape, and sexual harassment to elementary, middle and high school students. The community educator also offers trainings to police, social service providers and health professionals as well as presentations to religious and civic groups.


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